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SAVE THE DATE...  2018 SUMMER CAMP: Space Voyage offers a great Space Adventure "Thinking like an astronaut" week-long day-camp for students, ages 6 to 16.  2018 Summer Camp Registration will open on January 20, 2018.   You can see the brochure by clicking on FORMS then Camp Brochure or click the button below. Camp fees will remain as the same as 2017.  For more information use the Contact Page, or email Dr. Palmere at

About Our Space Camp Programs. . . For Kids Ages 6 to 16+

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Space Voyage Summer Camp is a STEM program that celebrates "The Arts."   This regional day camp shows kids ages 6-16 what it's like to "think like an astronaut" 

Pathfinder Program

Pathfinders, ages 6 to 8, are introduced at the awareness and exploration level.  An individualized curriculum is designed for each pathfinder. Activities are hands-on, minds-on, and are conceptually engaging

Cadet Program

Cadets are introduced to manned space flight by learning about the planning, budgeting, and decision making used in space exploration.

Leadership Interns

Interns are high school students who have the experience and temperament to act as student leaders, learning the Space Voyage leadership and competency models and receiving real-world leadership experience.

Space Voyage Summer Space Camp: Our space simulation day camp inspires students to "think like an astronaut." Three programs are offered: Pathfinders ages 6-8, Cadets ages 9-16, Interns ages 14+. One part Montessoril, one part Adventure park, one part Santa’s House. FUN!   

Space Voyage is best described as a simulation in which groups of students are immersed in the career cross-over skills involved in being an astronaut. The students are invited to think and work "as if" they are astronauts, focusing on positive thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork and pilot skills. A physical environment is created using wall murals, posters, computer work stations and hands-on investigations and experiments. A positive emotional environment is established and enhanced by the Space Voyage program leaders, creating the correct physical and emotional milieu for optimum learning and growth. In this setting, the program invites exploration and encourages proficiency, explains standards of achievement and expected norms of behavior, empowers individual and group achievement, and stresses the importance of group cohesion and tolerance for others. Staff ratio is 1:6. The program is designed for ongoing studies; many students return from one summer to the next. Described by returning students as one-part Santa's house and one-part Disney World, without the waits. It's the most wonderful week of the summer. FUN!

Space Voyage

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