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Welcome to Space Voyage Weekly Update: March 3, 2019

    Registration is going well. All weeks are open for Pathfinders and Cadets. We are working on a new one page invitation that can be shared with interested students and families.  I you'd like  some of these for your school or group please contact us.

    The summer of 2019 is going be fantastic.  Every summer we work to add new "wow" and "aha" experiences. One new activity this summer is our 3D paper model of the Saturn V rocket. We expect Space Voyagers to build more than 100 of these this summer. Our pattern allows us to create 3D paper models of any size from 15 inches to nine feet.  If you want to join the beta-test team in our Saturn V Model Rocket, contact us. 

    Be sure to use a coupon to reduce your camp costs. The Early Bird $75 discount will expire on March 16th.  Use this coupon, other coupons listed on the site or any special coupon code to save money. 

    The special coupon for students returning from last summer has been extended to March 16th.  If you need help, or have questions, please email or call Dr. Palmere, Program Director at 303-985-3143.


Summer Space Camp

Space Voyage is offering six weeks of Space Adventure Camps. Join us and "Think like an Astronaut" at our week-long STEM STEAM day camp for kids ages 6 to 16. Take advantage of the $75 Early Bird Registration Discount today!! 

Every level of the Cadet and Pathfinder program is offered every week. Each week is five full days, running Monday through Friday.
Come for one or more weeks. Learn more and get registered by mail or online.  
Join us this summer as we celebrate the 50th Anniversay of the Apollo 11 (America's first moon landing).  We will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 every week, as well as our new Mini Makerr Lab right inside the camp.

For questions call Dr. Palmere at 303-985-3143 or Email us at

About Our Space Camp Programs. . . For Kids Ages 6 to 16+

Please refer to the four page brochure for all program descriptions in one place. Click here
Space Voyage Space Camp


Space Voyage Summer Camp is a STEM program that celebrates "The Arts." This regional day camp shows kids ages 6-16 what it's like to "think like an astronaut"

Space Voyage Pathfinders

Pathfinder Program

Pathfinders, ages 6 to 8, are introduced to space exploration, criticl thinking and team-oriented tasks at an awareness and exploration level.

Space Voyage Cadet Program

Cadet Program

Cadets are introduced to manned space flight by learning about the planning, budgeting, and decision making used in space exploration. The Cadet Program is experiential and skill based. Students can move tat their own pace as  they learn and have fun.

Space Voyage Space Camp Interns

Leadership Interns

Interns are high school students who have the experience and temperament to act as student leaders, learning the Space Voyage leadership and competency models and receiving real-world leadership experience.

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Description of This Space Camp

     Space Voyage Summer Space Camp: Our space simulation day camp inspires students to "think like an astronaut." Three programs are offered: Pathfinders ages 6-8, Cadets ages 9-16, Interns ages 15+.  The summer of 2019 is the 29th consecutive summer of Space Voyage Academy or Summer Camp.

     Space Voyage offers a fun, immersive experience in a safe environment... where kids learn and can make new friends. At Space Voyage, we work with the individual learning styles of each student, Discounts are available for early registration, multiple weeks and siblings attending. Space Voyage is a STEM program that celebrates the Arts... that makes us now a STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, art, math). See our web site for a complete brochure and more information.