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    Space Voyage - NASA Space Shuttle Tribute Below is a Prezi celebrating NASA's Space Shuttle Program. Prezi is a relational presentation, easy to learn and powerful in sharing information.  Original Prezi-Presentation by Sarah Haskett. Best if you click on "Start Prezi" then click on arrows for navigation. OR, set autoplay to 4 seconds. Enjoy!

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    Monkey'in Around The ISS!     From:  Doc Palmere, Founder, Space Voyage I watched a Fox & Friends story about Scott & Mark Kelly on Feb. 23, 2016 The story was titled: Astronaut Scott Kelly goes bananas on the international Space Station. The video was posted on NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly's twitter account.  The backstory on the monkey suit is quite interesting.  NASA was doing a twins study using identical twins Mark and Scott Kelly, both active NASA astronauts at the time. As Scott's time onboard the ISS went on, he and bother Mark on the ground concocted this grand ruse.  There is more to the story, so come to Space Voyage Summer Camp to learn the rest.  It's simply amazing that they were able to get a six pound (guessing) money costume on a re-supply ship to the international space station.  And, there's even more to the story after Space Voyage posted it to our camp home page.   You probably did not know that the monkey costume is the second one sent up to the space station. Mark Kelly had sent the first in a progress space ship that blew up during launch. So, he sent another.   More interesting info showing how the Kelly's are connected to Doc Palmere's Space Voyage Program. Did you know Shuttle CMDR Mark Kelly is from the same hometown as Space Voyage founder, Doc Palmere?  Both are from West Orange, New Jersey. West Orange is also the home of Edison's Laboratory complex from the 1800s. Watch the movie and enjoy. Source:   P.S. Doc says the Mark and Scott Kelly have finally given him "the rights" to have a monkey run through Space Voyage Summer Camp. :-)  So far, the Flight Directors at camp have vetoed any monkey at camp. "We'll see what happens this summer" says Dr. Palmere.   Updated: by Dr. P on 3-7-2019