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    Space Voyage Camp Registration is OPEN !   Summer Camp registration is open.   Thinking about camp, I took a minute to look for some inspirational art.  Desert & Space by Julien Kalkecker and Society6 really shows some inspiration. While we know that this number of ballons could never lift an astronaut with a full MMU (man maneuvering unit) weighing 325 pounds on Earth or Mars, it's still awesome to think about the possibilities.   The first man to use a MMU, called by NASA a Space Shuttle Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) was Bruce McCandless in 1984. He used his hands to control 24 nozzle thrusters.  NASA says this MMU is capable of going 80 feet per second.  Quite fast, but in reality astronauts used a micro-burst technique. I'm not sure they ever went "full throttle" in space since the nitrogen used as a propellent was very limited. Google "first MMU flight" to learn more.  Click on google images for some really great photos.   Thank you, Julien Kaltnecker, for creating such awesome art.    See you at camp, I am,   Doc Palmere, Founder of Space Voyage   Source: