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Welcome to the Space Voyage Blog.  We will be adding pages regularly.  Students coming to summer camp can be authors of guest blogs.  It's easy and you'll be an Author.


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Summer Camp is open for registration.

Check out all the photos and videos we are adding every day.

Here is a slow motion movie of a multiple launch at camp. It was during week 6.

Joanne, the Flight Director for the week is kneeling in the center.  At Space Voyage we call this a Synchronous Launch. And the challenge is to see how many rockets you can launch, meaning in the same photo frame.  Can you see five rockets in this synchronous launch?

We launch our nine foot (air-water) rockets every day at camp.  We hope to launch eight at the same time this summer. Come and help us -- it's not easy but it fun!!


Doc Palmere, 2020 Camp Director


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