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Below are the Coupon Codes for Space Voyage Summer Camp.  Enter the coupon code during your online registration to save money.


memorialday             Save $25 on registering between May 18 and June 2nd, 2018.  Camp Cost = $325 - $25 = $300

multipleweek            Multiple week $20 discount for the second, third or fourth week of camp for this child. This coupon code includes the
                                      memorialday discount of $25, and $20 multiple week discount. Camp cost = $325 -$25 -$20 = $280. 
sibling                         Sibling $20 discount for your second, third or fourth child attending camp. This coupon code includes the $25 memorialday 
                                      discount and the $20 sibling discount. Camp cost = $325 -$25 -$20 = $280.

sib+multipleweek    Discount code for a sibling who is attending their second or additional week of camp. This coupon code includes the  
                                      memorialday$25 discount, and $20 multiple week discount, and $20 sibling discount .
                                      Camp cost = $325 -$25 -$20 -$20 =  $260. 

If you have a Special Coupon, enter it like any other coupon. It is valid until expiration date. Special Coupons cannot be used with any other discount. 

TROUBLESHOOTING:  If your coupon code is not applying the correct amount,  click REMOVE button in coupon area, then enter new code and click apply.

For INSTRUCTIONS on how to register online for camp Click here

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