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April 12, 2018

Summer is quickly approaching and Doc Palmere and his staff are getting super excited for summer to arrive.  This is our 28th summer of Space Voyage Summer Camp AKA Space Voyage Academy.


Goals for the summer of 2018. 


These include:

1 - Keep improving our use of drones and try to get some usable footage of cadets and pathfinders working, footage of the room and Project Voyager's Drone Wars.  We have three drones with about an 18" diameter.  We originally thought we'd use one and have two for spare parts. But to our suprise, these drones are super durable and we can fly all three.  All interested Pathfinders, Cadets and Interns get certified on pilot-skills and safety, then they just go for it!!


2 - 3D Models of Spacecraft.  Space Voyage has always offered paper model building of the Space Shuttle Orbiter. This summer, we hope to build several 3D paper models of current and historical spacecraft.  Doc (Program Director) has wanted to build an eight foot model of a Saturn V from the Apollo program, and he says it's going to happen this summer.  just imagine having the plans to build a six to eight foot Soyuz Rocket, Falcon 9, Orion or Saturn V, Gemini or Mercury Rocket.  Dr. Palmere was overheard telling Cody (the lead Flight Director for this summer) how cool it will be to have all these big rocket models when we launch our nine foot Banzai (air water) Rockets.  If you have an interest in making a 3D model, let Dr. Palmere know.

3 - New Edible Activities. We already have many activities that use food in the activity. We hope to add a few new ones based on interest and current events.  Can you name some of the edible lessons used at Space Voyage? Some include, and in not particular order: Pancake Space Station, Hot Dog Space Station, Edible Space Station, Edible Robotics, Gold Fish Social, 2001 Ice Cream Cone Space Odessey, and Big Ice Cream Space Mountain.  if you have an idea for a new edible lesson, send it on to Dr. Palmere.


4 - Crew Mission Wall Patches for all participants. This sumer we're hoping to give everyone a Wall Patch of their Crew Mission patch.  Cody Klein has the record with more than eight Crew Mission Patches on his bedroom wall.


5 - Triple Banzai Launch - After learning how to fill, launch and recover our nine foot air-water rockets, students attempt to get mutiple rockets to launch at exactly the same time.  While we have been able to do a double launch, we've never gotten three rockets to launch at the same time.  Photos of double launches and single launches are in the photo gallery for viewing.  While Cadets and Pathfinders launch under the direction of the Flight Director (misssion control), the rest of the staff works to capture the launches on their cameras. Out goal this summer is to capture a triple launch in a photograph.  Our air-water rockets are nine foot tall. We have many and a well developed launch kit and repair kit to keep them going. 


6 - Art in Space - We've been working to share our "photoshop in your pocket" software with all that come to camp. This summer our goal is to encourage more Cadets and Pathfinders to learn how to use Youzign and keep using it throughout the year (after camp is over).  Our previous attempts were foiled by lack of Internet at camp. This summer we hope to have access and get everyone to do Art-in-Space.


7 - New Space Mission Simulation - We have been in a Research & Development project (R&D) to create a new space simulation for 15+ years.  Our goal this summer is to finalize our next generation space station simulation.


Watch for these new efforts this summer. 






February 12, 2018

"It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them." - Leo Buscaglia

At Space Voyage, we agree with this and have even written a special statement based on our experiences. Our statement is called an Axiom--- which means is a guiding principle in how we live and work.  Below is Axiom 18 (it's the 18th of 32 such statements).

"18. Work hard, play hard. When you work, work hard. When you play, play hard. But when you work, you don't play at all."

American astronauts live by this Axiom too.  The work hard in often dangerous environments like space and trainng for going to space. Then to relax and renew, they play hard, each in their own way.  One astronaut pilot was asked by Dr. Palmere, founder of Space Voyage: "Why do you fly your T-38 trainer play, upside-down and three feet off the ground?"  Reply:  I work hard and it's how I have fun!  

So at Space Voyage, the instructors will teach you how to shift from working hard to play-hard, so they you can be productive and have fun.  It's this ability to switch back and forth, between work and play, that all high performers have in common.

See you in space!

Doc Palmere, Founder of Space Voyage