The Greatest Summer Camp of all time. Staff calls it: "One part Theme Park, One part Santa's House, without the waits." Since 1991, thousands of kids ahve said Space Voyage is the greatest week of their summer.

Space Voyage... Cadet Program

The Cadet program

The Space Voyage cadet levels are based on the knowledge, skill, confidence and experience needed to complete the objectives for that level. The cornerstones of our achievement model are: the scientific method; vision; persistence; and sustained effort. Each level of achievement builds on the one before, allowing the students to experience an open-ended and sophisticated learning experience that takes place over time.  Level2 1-2 each take one camp week to complete. Level 3 and above require more than one week, which you can do in one summer or across several summers. with Space Voyage will become a camp you look forward to for many summers.

Description of Astronaut Cadet Levels:

 Level 1 Exploration.

An introduction to spaceflight mission planning, space flight operations, space station construction and teamwork.

 Level 2 Mastery

Learning more (80%) about spaceflight mission planning, shuttle flight, space pod control, flight documentation and teamwork.

Level 3 Proficiency

Becoming proficient (95%) in space operations. Successful construction of a space station and management of a research project aboard their Space Station. Passing this level is contingent on passing an Oxford style oral exam with a council of their peers.

Level 4 Expert

Grow your skills and confidence to be an expert in space operations and on orbit research in the areas you select. .  Passing this level is contingent on passing an Oxford style oral exam with a group of your peers.

Level 5 Author

Under the guidance of the instructor group, write a novel based on actual events that might occur aboard a space station. Use your level 4 Time study, and your scientific breakthroughs as a starting point. Level 5 cadets share their knowledge, expertise and passion about space flight. You can use your new author skills in school and share your novel with your friends and teachers.

Level 6 Contributor / Inventor.

Work with senior staff to invent, design and help certify a new technology that can be used in our program. Space Voyage defines a technology as: "Any thing you can interact with and learn from."

Hundreds of thousands of students from all over the United States have experienced the challenge and thrill of thinking like an astronaut in our Space Voyage program. Students from metro Denver and Colorado schools and from as far away as Chicago, New Jersey, California, Egypt, and Japan have enrolled. Traveling families of participating students can enjoy summer in the great state of Colorado while their children experience Space Voyage.

      Space Voyage Summer Camp is designed for students with an interest in the area of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. This STEM camp immerses students in “thinking and working as-if they are astronauts.” 

To be successful, students should:  

     1) Be interested in space flight or being an astronaut 

     2) Be capable of independent work

     3) Have the maturity of a child his or her own age

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