The Greatest Summer Camp of all time. Staff calls it: "One part Theme Park, One part Santa's House, without the waits." Since 1991, thousands of kids ahve said Space Voyage is the greatest week of their summer.

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Space Voyage... a STEM / STEAM Program

      Space Voyage Summer Camp is a STEM program that celebrates "The Arts." STEM stands for Science, Technology, engineering and Math. Adding a focus to The Arts, some suggest, pushes Space Voyage into the STEAM classification. Interestingly, Space Voyage was created in 1986 by then Pre-IB science teacher Palmere as co-curricular enrichment program to bring school subject to life, creating compelling activities and the career crossover skills seen in the world of aerospace and "thinking like an astronaut."   Today, this  regional day camp and school seminar program invites and challenges students  ages 6-16 to "think like an astronaut"  as they experience the Space Voyage Simulation experience.

Background and Introduction...

      Space Voyage offers an intensive program of learning and confidence building within a space motif. Space Voyage brings to life the importance of math and science, builds confidence through genuine achievement, creates a sense of belonging, and offers a fun and fantastic place for kids to learn and grow. Based in cooperative learning, the program uses learning teams where everyone can 

achieve. Space Voyage Summer Camp can be a first-time experience for beginning students or a continuation of space flight studies for returning students.

      Hundreds of thousands of students from all over the United States have experienced the challenge and thrill of thinking like an astronaut in our Space Voyage program. Students from metro Denver and Colorado schools and from as far away as Chicago, New Jersey, California, Egypt, and Japan have enrolled. Traveling families of participating students can enjoy summer in the great state of Colorado while their children experience Space Voyage.

      Space Voyage Summer Camp is designed for students with an interest in the area of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. This STEM camp immerses students in “thinking and working as-if they are astronauts.” 

      To be successful, students should:  

          1) Be interested in space flight or being an astronaut 

          2) Be capable of independent work

          3) Have the maturity of a child his or her own age

L E A R N       A B O U T     O U R      O T H E R    P R O G R A M S


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