The Greatest Summer Camp of all time. Staff calls it: "One part Theme Park, One part Santa's House, without the waits." Since 1991, thousands of kids ahve said Space Voyage is the greatest week of their summer.

Space Voyage... Intern Program (Ages 14+)

This is a leadership program that immerses high school students and college students in being a leader. Interns work under the direction of Dr. Palmere and will learn about leadership first hand. Participating students will have the opportunity to observe, read about, apply their new knowledge, and reflect with senior staff. The leadership models used will be based on the Space Voyage Instructor Certification program as L5 Leadership and the work of John C. Maxwell and others. Upon successful completion of their internship, each student will receive a Certificate of Achievement, be able to list the internship experience on college applications, and may use Space Voyage as a reference. For questions, please call Dr. Palmere.

achieve. Space Voyage Summer Camp can be a first-time experience for beginning students or a continuation of space flight studies for returning students.

The fee's for being an intern are the same as being a cadet.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Palmere.

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