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About Space Voyage - Get involved

About us... Some History... About The Founder... Teaching Philosophy.


 You can get involved by helping us help our nation's children. Help us inspire, motivate and empower children by doing the following:  

* Champion the Program. Share information about Space Voyage with your child's school or help coordinate getting information to families.  Spearhead the effort to bring a Space Voyage program your child's school. Help us find other champions who can support our programs.

* Become a Sponsor or Advisor. 

* Volunteer. Become a Visiting Scientist or Visiting Teacher at a Space Voyage Summer camp. 

* Bring Synergy. Share your expertise with us as we research and develop (R&D) new lab packs (activity centers) for our programs.

* Financial Support. Provide funding and financial underwriting for Space Voyage programs as we move forward. We've served more than 300,000  children in direct programs. We need to create more programs like Space Voyage to inspire, motivate and empower our youth;

* Support Space Voyage as a proactive program that encourages excellence and achievement and inoculates students from school drop out,   suicide, promiscuity, and apathy.

    Contact us and get involved. We welcome your support!!