Space Voyage maybe the greatest summer camp of all time. One part Theme Park, One part Santa's House, without the waits. It has been called the greatest week of the summer by thousands of kids since 1991.
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"Hello, and thank you for visiting us.

You're here with me on the Space Voyage Space Camp Landing Page.
This summer, Space Voyage is offering six weeks of our great day camp.

You can come for one or more weeks, as all programs are offered every week.
You can watch the movie of one of our air water rocket launches from last summer, then visit our full web site for more information.

Or, click on the brochure link, and read all about Space Voyage. Behind me you can see a picture of last summers Space Voyage pavilion.
It's an awesome place in Littleton Colorado, where we can do space simulations, enjoy space science labs, and build art projects like our famous tiled poster wall murals. We even make, and eat edible space stations.

It's really fun! The big space ice cream mountain is the greatest ice cream party you will ever enjoy. At Space Voyage, you'll learn how to become a high performer like the astronauts.
You will have fun and make new friends. It just could be the greatest week of your summer.

There is a fifty dollar Early Bird discount on the registration form inside the brochure. Get registered as this expires on March 18th. So get registered today!!
The summer of 2017 will be our 27th summer. We offer an astronaut adventure camp to the youth of America.
So get ready and get registered.
We're going to have a blast! See you at camp.