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Thank you Mrs. Hoffman . . . Thank you Coach Paganelli.

Teacher Recommendation Discount Replaced with a $24 Discount for All Students

After visiting with teachers who are "champions" of the Space Voyage programs, and thinking about other Great Teachers, we have decided to not continue the Teacher Recommendation Letter discount this summer, and instead reduce the base cost of the program from $349 to $325. This reduction is on the revised brochure. Hopefully, this savings will benefit all attending students, and make it easier on everyone. Click on the button below, to see and print the 2018 Summer Camp brochure Registration Form (on page 3).

Great Teachers... Who Helped You?

Below are some reflections about the Great Teachers in our lives.

“My favorite teachers were the ones who natually understood me, and had genuine care and concern. They were teachers who valued producers over minimalists, and dared us to be high performers. Mrs. Hoffman was my fifth grade teacher. She introduced me to Dr. Suess and taught me how to read. No small feat for a teacher of 30 students, and me, classically dyslexic and full of energy. Today, I love to read and write. I am a high performer. Her words still have meaning: "You are smart and you can do!” Coach Paganelli was my high school cross country and track coach who encouraged me to grow my work-ethic and a keen-mind to become a champion. His willingness to admit he too was learning was inspiring. I tried new new race tactics, broke many records and loved distance running. He was a champion in mind, body and spirt. He showed me the path to a college athletic scholarhsip, and was forever encouraging." Who are your Great Teachers? Send Dr. Palmere a note using the Contact Form or email on the brochure. Maybe we can post it on this page and celebrate your Great Teachers too!

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