Space Voyage Summer Camp - Space Camp Colorado

Parent References & Testimonials

Letters and references received from the parents of participants.

"Hi Doc, I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all that you did for our son this week. He loved every minute of it. Zach is a quiet kid who doesn't share much about what's going on in that brain of his. Each day of the camp, he shared a little more about his day and by last night he was sharing all kinds of information including stories you told the kids about your childhood. Thank you for being such a great role model and having a program to allow kids the opportunity to become role models. Zach wishes he could go to the camp next week but will unfortunately, have to wait until next summer. Our friend did not register for the program this year but we will get some more kids to the camp next year. I would love to stay apprised of your plans for developing a charter school. We are currently on the wait list at a Douglas County charter school near our home but would absolutely consider other arrangements to be a part of your endeavor."

"     … I think the idea of a school modeled on your program would be amazing. Even though Xander only took one week of your camp two years ago-I think that was time he really started to find his passion; we've told him that camp is not a given, but a privilege and honor to take part in. He works hard during the school year as a person and student to earn the right to attend. He has mentioned many times that he wants to work hard at camp so that he can someday be part of the staff at Space Voyage Academy.  My wife Annie and I have seen a huge difference in him since attending your camp, he is has gained strong problem-solving skills, self-discipline and confidence, collaboration, persistence and ability to think out of the box with strong in-box skills. These are the things I think hallmark your space-voyage students and will a Space Voyage Academy School. Thank you again."

Thank you for your note confirming my children's registration for this summer's Space Voyage Academy. As always they are really looking forward to coming. This will be my oldest child's eighth summer in the program. The other three have all come every year too, as soon as they were old enough!

Your program has so many strengths. Obviously the level of knowledge and the depth of exposure that the kids get in regards to the space program is unmatched. I love the way they come home thinking about ways to improve their mission and keep their payloads appropriate. Driving the pod and making their own mission patches makes it all seem so real to them. The adventure is wonderfully tangible to even the youngest participants. A lot of that is due to your level of interest and knowledge about the material. Your enthusiasm and professionalism and the way your staff is trained to become a part of the leadership make for such a well versed environment.

In addition to the actual "academic" part of the program, the thing that makes us come back year after year is the extremely positive atmosphere that you and your staff provide. The commitment to manners, working hard, respecting others, respecting yourself and playing hard too, are a breath of fresh air.

I guess the fact that my kids will be coming with 7 of their friends this summer speaks for itself!

Thank you for your continued commitment to all of the children that you serve. .”

“Doc, this is a reference from my ten year old son(Sam K) who attended Space Voyage Academy for two sessions last summer;

     Space Voyage Academy is a fun way to spend some time in the summer. You learn to work as a team with other kids in order to do launches and missions similar to what NASA does. Simulations are used to achieve our goals which aren't always successful, but it's fun to keep trying at your own pace until your team is successful!

When you need a break, Doc has some great video games to clear your head. He also has an electric pod like what NASA would use, that you can drive around indoors. It's a blast!"

“ It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of support of Dr. Mark "Doc" Palmere and the Space Voyage Academy program. Throughout the years, all five of my children have been involved in Space Voyage, each working with Dr. Palmere in varying capacities. My two sons, Justin (22) and Tyler (20), began the program after partaking in a seminar held at their elementary school. They both took to Space Voyage immediately and found the challenge presented by the course to be immediately stimulating and rewarding. While Justin's interest kept him at SVA through Level IV, Tyler pursued the Academy through Level V, the Apprentice program, and eventually up the ranks as a Student Instructor.

     My three daughters, Lauren (16), Jennifer (8), and Rachel (7), became interested in the program as a result of their brothers' participation. While Jennifer and Rachel have participated the past two summers in the Space Voyage Pathfinder program, Lauren has been able to explore the Alpha Program-- a course set up for students who may not be ready for the rigors of the level system. Art is Lauren's true passion and she has been able to explore her interest through the Alpha Artist and Alpha Painter. She has painted several murals displayed at Space Voyage and designed the SVA 2004 Commemorative Patch which was sent to Taiwan for printing and completion.

     I have known Mark for eleven years and can proudly say that he is a man of utmost integrity. One of the first things you learn upon meeting him is that he is always positive, energetic and encouraging. Dr. Palmere has a passion for helping children reach their full potential-- not only at Space Voyage Academy but in life as well. Looking back, I know that the values my children learned through participation in the program have helped them immensely in their academic, extracurricular, and social lives. Such Space Voyage mottos as "work hard, play hard," "if you need help, ask," and "expand to handle" are not just stated, but practiced, lived out, and mastered during the program. There is no doubt in my mind that each of my children has taken these lessons learned at Space Voyage Academy and applied them to their own lives. Space Voyage puts children on the path to success-- and with Justin and Tyler at the United Stated Air Force Academy, and Lauren, Jennifer and Rachel all doing very well at St. Mary's Academy, I am a proud mother indeed.

     Please consider this recommendation letter the highest possible for Dr. Mark Palmere and Space Voyage Academy. Space Voyage is more than just a summer camp-- it's a place where your child can learn and have fun while acquiring the skills and knowledge essential for success in life. Believe me when I say there is no better camp your child can attend this summer.”

I would like to recommend Space Voyage Academy to any enterprising grade school age boy or girl who enjoys a challenge and has even an inkling of interest in space. This camp is unique in the way it is designed to motivate kids to learn independently, take responsibility for how they manage their time to achieve goals they establish for themselves. Sound too much like school to be fun in the summer? NO WAY! It is so unlike school and yet I have seen carry over from my son's experiences at Space Voyage and the subtle educational paradigm that is an integral part of the program, to everyday time management and academic accomplishment at school and home.

My son has attended Space Voyage Academy since 2001, before entering fourth grade. It is the only summer camp he has repeatedly requested to return to each year. This year he will be apprenticing to become an instructor with the potential to begin to earn money doing something he enjoys; also a good experience for a young man so early in his life!

The staff creates a simulated atmosphere of a space control center which draws the kids into the experience the minute they walk in the door. They are helpful and provide the cadets (campers) with the guidance they need in a constructive and fun way. I have always felt my son was safe while at camp and he comes home excited, tired and eager to go back the next day. If your child attends, do plan on running them around the block when they get home as they do tend to exercise their brains more than their bodies while as Space Voyage Academy.”