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Space Station Video

In this video, Level 2 Cadet, Lennas, shared a video for her teacher who helped her attend camp.  Lennas had a great time as you can tell from the enthusiasm in her voice.  Teachers wishing to help students attend with a partial scholarship should contact  Space Voyage or Dr. Palmere for details. We have a new program that allows a financial discount based on teacher recomendations.

Crew Mission Patches

In this video,  we share   Crew Mission Patches from  several weeks.  Cadets are  groups into learning teams, called Crews. Pathfinders  are also groups by Crews. Each Crew works together t o design their  Crew Mission Patch.   Crews work with program staff to create  their own patch. This Crew  Mission Patch becomes their Notebook Cover, and can be made larger for a Wall Patch, Chair Art, Table Top and Wall Mural. Enjoy!

Axiom 18:  Work hard , Play Hard

This video was filmed onboared the International Space Station (ISS) in February 2016. It shows Astronaut Mark Kelly in an "ape costume" being playful on the ISS.  On TV, the story was titled: Astronaut Goes Ape on The ISS.  Yes, it's true.  It's a perfect example of Astronaut Mark Kelly living Space Voyage Axiom #18 -- Work hard, play hard.  Work hard and play hard is a key to being successful.  Did you know Shuttle CMDR Mark Kelly is from the same hometown as Space Voyage founder, Doc Palmere? Both are from West Orange, New Jersey. West Orange is also the home of Edison's Laboratory complex from the 1800s.